Joint Technology

The Digital QMP Series


The QMP series joint units transmit digital measurement data. Connection to control is effected using just one cable. QMP presses have a very slim design in a square stainless steel housing. This ensures the joint unit has a low dead weight and, thus, high acceleration, speeds and cycle times can be realised. The digital load cell protected from overload (measurement accuracy 0.5 % from end value) is located directly in the joint stamp. Path measurement is effected using an absolute path measurement system with a resolution of 0.002 mm. As a result, a reference path is superfluous. LED status displays on the joint unit show the operational status and the processing result.

The Analogue EMP Series


Whether to connect, joint, press or pull – the EMP series impresses in all applications thanks to its precision and reliability. It offers accurate solutions for simple to complex jointing tasks. The EMP series has proven its very high availability and long lifetime in thousands of applications in raw industrial environments. An EMP station consists of a joint unit, a joint control, a power element and the corresponding connection cables. Data transmission is analogue.